The Sounds of Africa

By pwsadmin / November 3, 2021 /

What do the sounds of Africa have to do with hearing conservation? Honestly, not a whole lot except to remind you to protect your hearing, so you can hear! Perhaps this article is more of a reflection and appreciation of being able to hear and enjoy sounds on my recent adventure in Africa. The goal…

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October is National Protect Your Hearing Month

By pwsadmin / October 22, 2021 /

October is National Protect Your Hearing Month. Now we know, nowadays, every month seems to have a theme. Why not make October a month about protecting your hearing?! Honestly, as an Audiologist, every month should be “Protect Your Hearing” month. Oftentimes, in the clinic, I hear time and time again people say’ ” if only…

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Now Offering Virtual CAOHC Courses!

By pwsadmin / October 3, 2021 /

Workplace Sound Solutions is excited to announce that we are now offering Virtual CAOHC Courses!! Yes, we heard your requests! In other words, we understand many of you are struggling to find a way to renew your CAOHC Certification before the end of the year. Between the increase in COVID cases and the reduced workforce,…

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Custom Hearing Protection on a Plane

By pwsadmin / September 17, 2021 /

Recently I had the opportunity to take an adventure to a small island on a small plane. I knew I would have to fly on a small plane but had no idea I would be the co-pilot! After being selected for the coveted seat, we made our way to the tarmac. As you can imagine,…

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Workplace Sound Solutions

How Do I Know if It’s Too Loud?

By pwsadmin / September 8, 2021 /

I often get asked, “How do I know when something is too loud?”. The simple answer; if you are 3 feet apart from someone and have to yell, it’s TOO LOUD. For those of you who prefer to carry a phone rather than a ruler, there is a solution. That’s right, there is an app…

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Workplace Sound Solutions


By pwsadmin / September 3, 2021 /

Greetings everyone, thanks for clicking on my page! I thought I would take the opportunity to introduce myself. I have been an audiologist for over 20 years. I’ve worked in clinical and occupational settings. I also have 25 DIFFERENT state licenses! If you looked at the website, you’ve already read all about the professional me.…

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