7 Ways to Protect Workers’ Hearing Without Compromising Productivity

At Occupational Sound Solutions, we want to protect your workforce’s hearing while enabling your organization to maintain high productivity. Here are 7 ways to put you on the path to achieve both:

1. Conduct Regular Noise Assessments. Measure workplace noise levels. Identify areas where noise exceeds safe limits (85 decibels over 8 hours, per OSHA) to implement appropriate controls.

2. Implement Engineering Controls. Reduce noise at the source by:

  • Installing soundproof barriers around noisy equipment.
  • Performing regular maintenance to minimize noise emissions.
  • Applying sound-absorbing materials to walls, ceilings, and floors.

3. Use Administrative Controls When engineering controls are insufficient:

  • Rotate shifts to limit noise exposure.
  • Designate quiet zones for breaks.
  • Educate employees on noise risks and protection.

4. Provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). When other controls are not feasible, ensure proper use of earplugs and earmuffs:

  • Offer a variety of PPE for comfort.
  • Train workers on proper use and maintenance.
  • Make PPE easily accessible in noisy areas.

5. Implement Education and Training These programs will raise awareness about noise risks and teach proper hearing protection through ongoing, interactive training. Use incentives for safe practices to motivate workers to prioritize hearing health.

6. Schedule Annual Hearing Checks Early detection of hearing loss through annual tests can prevent further damage. Use test results to assess and adjust your hearing conservation program.

7. Enhance Communication Noise reduction improves communication and productivity:

  • Use visual signals for instructions.
  • Provide noise-canceling headsets.
  • Schedule quieter periods for concentration-intensive tasks.

Combining these strategies can protect workers’ hearing and maintain a productive work environment. We can work with you to break down and organize every aspect of your Hearing Conservation Program, making it less stressful. We strive to help you, the employer, as a client, and the employees you serve.

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