Practicum Simulator

A State-of-the-Art Audiometric Simulator For CAOHC

In order to promote better training and education for CAOHC Certification, this tool helps students learn testing methodologies as a part of CAOHC Certification Courses. It also assists Course Directors in training students onsite or virtually without the need for additional audiometric equipment. All you need access to the internet!

Practical Exposure to Audiometric Patterns

With our intuitive user interface, the user can evaluate employees with pre-determined audiometric results. Once the user completes the audiogram, results are saved and compared to preloaded simulator audiograms.

Licenses starting from just $5!

As a Course Director, you can easily purchase multiple licenses. These licenses automatically are provisioned and de-provisioned for the students you add to your account. Additionally, you can manage students by modifying, enabling and/or disabling them per your convenience.

We provide a 7-day free trial to aspiring Course Directors and students who would like to try the simulator before purchasing the license.  Please send an enquiry to us to obtain your free trial!

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