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At Occusound, we're passionate about safeguarding hearing in the workplace. As a leader in occupational audiology and hearing conservation programs, we stay at the cutting edge of hearing health research and best practices. Here, you'll find valuable resources and insights to help employers and employees make informed decisions about protecting hearing on the job. Whether you're a seasoned professional, just starting your career, or simply someone who values good hearing health, we've got you covered.

7 Ways to Protect Workers’ Hearing Without Compromising Productivity

At Occupational Sound Solutions, we want to protect your workforce’s hearing while enabling your organization to maintain high productivity. Here are 7 ways to put you on the path to achieve both: 1. Conduct Regular Noise Assessments. Measure workplace noise levels. Identify areas where noise exceeds safe limits (85 decibels over 8 hours, per OSHA) to implement appropriate controls. 2. Implement Engineering Controls. Reduce noise at the source by: 3. Use Administrative Controls When engineering

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