Certification & Re-Certification Courses

CAOHC Certification Courses

What is a CAOHC Certification/Recertification Course?
A CAOHC (Council for the Accreditation of Occupational Hearing Conservationists) Certification Course is a course designed to educate, train and certify an Occupational Hearing Conservationist (OHC). An OHC is an individual that assists their company in the audiometric testing, education/training of employee in regards to hearing protection devices, maintains monitoring and recordkeeping within the company’s Hearing Conservation Program (HCP). This training complies with OSHA, MSHA and FRA regulatory requirements for Hearing Conservation Programs.

Who Should take a CAOHC Certification Course?
Occupational health nurses, audiologists, physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, audiometric technicians, industrial hygienists, safety engineers, Human resources, managers & other health and safety personnel.

How Long is the Course?
All courses offered are approved by CAOHC. Students must first complete the 20-hour program and pass the practicum and certification examinations in order to become an Occupational Hearing Conservationist (OHC). Once a student becomes an OHC, their certification is valid for 5 years.

After 5 years, those currently CAOHC certified are required to complete an 8-hour re-certification course as well as pass the practicum and certification examination in order to renew their OHC certification.

It is important for those individuals currently holding a OHC certification to be mindful of their renewal date. Please contact CAOHC 30 days prior to the expiration of your current certification, in writing, to request an extension of your certification, if you are unable to attend a class prior to your expiration date.

When Do I take the Certification Examination?
The online CAOHC Certification Exam will be administered by the CAOHC Course Director at the end of the Certification and Recertification Courses. Students will need to bring a laptop to class in order to complete the examination. Results of the Certification Exam are visible to the student once the Certification Exam is submitted.

What is Covered in the CAOHC Training Curriculum?

All CAOHC courses involve lecture, videos, discussion, hands-on practicum to include: conducting otoscopy, administering a manual hearing test, fitting of a variety of hearing protection devices. Guidelines and Structure of the COAHC OHC Course include:

  • An Overview of Hearing Conservation
  • Anatomy, Physiology and Diseases of the Ear
  • Physics of Sound
  • Performing and Explaining a Hearing Test
  • Federal and State Regulations as they relate to Hearing Conservation Programs
  • Audiometer and the Testing Environment
  • Audiometric Review and Evaluation
  • Noise Measurement and Control
  • Hearing Protection Devices (HPD) Fitting
  • Counseling and Training
  • Recordkeeping

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