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“Great attitude and energy. I wouldn’t improve on anything”.


“Sarah did an amazing job holding the attention of the class as well as making us feel comfortable participating with hands on and in discussions”.


“Sarah was a great presenter and was able to present the material in an interesting way to keep us all engaged”.


“Great speaker”!


“Sarah gave a great class. This is the 6th time I have attended the course and she was very informative”.


“Material clearly presented, animated speaker, highlighted important points appropriately, upbeat, friendly and positive”


“Sarah is engaging and knowledgeable. I like that she knew us all by name and made the class personal. I left the class with a real understanding of the material and how to apply it”


“Dr. Sarah you were very clear and precise. Enjoyed the course”!


"Sarah kept me engaged throughout the lessons and made things fun!"


"Sarah provided the appropriate information to pass the exam as well as the knowledge needed to educate/update my HCP."


"Sarah conducted a hearing conservation course over in Florida and it was a blast. She made all the information clear, concise, and fun."


"I really enjoyed the class!! Dr. Mouser's knowledge and teaching style made it easy for me to retain the material."


"Dr. Mouser is an awesome instructor! She is so knowledgeable and goes above and beyond to ensure that everyone is learning the material and understands the importance of it."


"Dr. Sarah Mouser did a great job explaining the COAHC Hearing Conservation course! She provided real world examples and was able to prepare me for the examination so that I could become a certified Occupational Hearing Conservationist."


"I just attended Sarah’s certification course and would love to share my personal thoughts of the experience. Before attending this required course, I dreaded the thought of spending 3 days to learn the info needed to run a 5-minute hearing test…… Wow, that was def the wrong thought pre-course!!! Now in the post course position, I see several ways I will change my methods when completing the audiology exam on employees in my clinic. Sarah excels in many ways than one! She presented the material in a manner that improved my understanding, offered hands on learning, and supported “real life” application that I will use daily. I truly enjoyed this course and feel I gained a tremendous amount of knowledge in a short period of time. I highly recommend Sarah’s class to others that want to understand audiology beyond pressing the auto test button! I’m even excited at the thought of completing a manual test now! Thank you Sarah for your help in learning this vital material."


"Sarah made the conservation course incredibly easy to understand and fun to go to."


"She was organized, knowledgeable, well prepared. She made the course enjoyable where it was easy to retain the information.

I absolutely loved that she is so vibrant and kept all of these adults engaged and entertained! I felt that it was a great balance of lecture and hands on."


"She is such a wonderful teacher. she explains everything and gave great examples so material was easy to understand and remember. Not sure how she did it but she remembered all the student’s names. I would advise anyone to take her class."


"I feel that Sarah provided the class with very valuable information that will help CAOHC's prepared to give a high quality of service when performing our jobs. Sarah has a love for her profession and that made the course interesting and engaging."


"I’ve been certified in occupational hearing conservation for many years. Sarah Mouser is by far, the best audiologist I’ve ever heard teach this class. Her presentation was organized, interesting and easy to retain. She is very personable to each student and even comical at times. I would highly suggest her class."


Great learning opportunity and experience participating in the CAOHC training. The instructor Sarah was knowledgeable in the topics and did a great job keeping the individuals engaged in the class. I learned a ton of information that I did not know prior to taking the course. I would really recommend using Sarah for any future training.



Sarah is the best of the best! She is able to take information and present it in a way that is easy to understand and easy to retain. Sarah was thorough, attentive to detail, showed a sincere interest in the individuals in her class and gladly shared her expertise. Hats off to you Sarah!



Online training with Sarah was very pleasant. Online Zoom training is rarely interesting however she kept the instruction moving and on time. She was interesting, had a sense of humor and very knowledgeable on the subject. She was positive and encouraging!



Sarah kept the instruction interesting, current and lively.



Sarah was a phenomenal instructor! Very much recommend her to teach all audio classes!



Sarah is a wonderful instructor. She is very thorough in her teachings, examples, and helping retain the knowledge.



It was evident that Sarah worked hard to prepare a class that was easy to understand. She was able to instill confidence in each person that took her class. The information from this class will greatly help me to perform the hearing assessment aspect of my job. Sarah is the best of the best in this field! 



Sarah is a knowledgeable, engaging, effective instructor. She presented very clear, concise information. All material was presented in an orderly and organized fashion that was easy to follow. She was personable and made an effort to know everyone’s names. I felt comfortable asking questions and the pace of learning was perfect. Sarah is an excellent instructor. I highly recommend anyone involved in a hearing program take advantage of this class.



Very clear, concise information. Reinforced the info. every l thing was presented orderly and organized fashion. Easy to follow. She was personable and made an effort to know everyone’s names. Made people feel comfortable asking questions. Excellent instructor.



Her class was the most helpful tool in expanding knowledge where I did not know I lacked. Extremely productive, professional and informative. No improvement needed. She is excellent



Very Knowledgeable in all things CAOHC and Audiology. She uses her experience as well as relatable topics to explain the process to make it easy to learn



If you are looking for some awesome, knowledgeable people to work with, these are the guys I highly recommend. Their friendliness and result-driven approach is what I love about them.

John Doe


Sarah is a great teacher and very interactive throughout the class. Highly knowledgeable and presents so that the material is easy to grasp.

Sarah is one of the best instructors I’ve had over a 20 yr. career...her training methods are clear concise and on target!...

Everything was presented in a very easy to learn way. She kept the class interesting and provided tons of examples. The internet was the only issue during the entire course.

Very good presenter. Practical application tips and illustrations to reinforce learning. Though this is a CAOHC manual and not likely in Sarah's control, having chapter tabs in the manual would be helpful; which is the only thing I would recommend.

She was very knowledgeable and kept the class interested, very good instructor!

Workplace Sound Solutions


At Occupational Sound Solutions, we care about the safety of both employers and employees throughout the country. Our Doctor of Audiology, Dr. Sarah Mouser, leads the organization with her 25 state licensures. Her credentials ensure a streamlined approach to the management of your company’s Hearing Conservation Program.

NOW Offering Completely Virtual CAOHC Recertification Courses!

What We Do

Our audiologists provide Professional Supervisor services to the OSHA, MSHA, and FRA mandated hearing conservations programs. We provide Hearing Conservation Program audits, hearing test reviews, case by case determinations for OSHA/MSHA/FRA recordability, CAOHC Courses and Sound & Dosimetry Studies.

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The company also offers CAOHC training courses to educate trained personnel in conducting pure tone audiometry testing as well as, implementing other related occupational hearing conservation services. Upon completion of the CAOHC COURSE, individuals who pass the CAOHC certification exam will become a certified Occupational Hearing Conservationist (OHC).


Our professionals conduct sound and dosimetry studies giving employers a comprehensive report on the sound levels of their facility. We also conduct on-site visits to create custom hearing protection devices and fittings for the most comfortable hearing protection.

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Let us help you with your Hearing Conservative Program needs. If you have any questions, reach out to our team today.