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Offering CAOHC Courses, Professional Supervisory Services, Sound and Dosimetry Studies.

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The things that we do.

CAOHC Courses

Train personnel in-person, virtually, or in private CAOHC Courses conducting pure tone audiometry testing as well as, implementing other related occupational hearing conservation services. Upon completion of the course, individuals who pass the exam will become a certified Occupational Hearing Conservationist (OHC).

Audiology Review Services

We provide analysis and dispositions of problem audiograms utilizing the AAO Criteria. We support clients who utilize various software and integrate with our OccuSound Professional Supervisor Review System.

Custom Hearing Devices

Our professionals conduct sound and dosimetry studies giving employers a comprehensive report on the sound levels of their facility. We also conduct on-site visits to create custom hearing protection devices and fittings for the most comfortable hearing protection.

Hearing Conservation Program Audits

Our audit process involves ensuring noise regulation standards have been met in the following areas: Noise Assessment, Noise Control, Audiometric Monitoring, Hearing Protection Device Selection, Education and Training and Record Keeping.

OSHA/MSHA Determinations

Occupational Sound Solutions individually evaluates employees who have shown an STS/Possible Recordable Shift in their hearing. Our licensed audiologists ensure compliance with these noise exposure guidelines.

Area Sound & Dosimetry Studies

Occupational Sound Solutions provides area sound & dosimetry studies to assess your need for a hearing conservation program at your facility in the United States.

We care about the safety of both employers and employees throughout the country. Dr. Sarah Mouser, our lead Doctor of Audiology, ensures a streamlined approach to the management of your company’s Hearing Conservation Program.

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"I founded Occupational Sound Solutions out of a true desire to connect with my clients."

Since completing her doctoral degree at The University of Florida, Dr. Mouser has experience performing adult and pediatric audiological evaluations utilizing conventional audiometry and visual reinforcement audiometry.

Dr. Sarah Mouser

Founder - Occupational Sound Solutions

“Sarah did an amazing job holding the attention of the class as well as making us feel comfortable participating with hands on and in discussions”.
“Sarah was a great presenter and was able to present the material in an interesting way to keep us all engaged”.
“Material clearly presented, animated speaker, highlighted important points appropriately, upbeat, friendly and positive”
“Sarah is engaging and knowledgeable. I like that she knew us all by name and made the class personal. I left the class with a real understanding of the material and how to apply it”
“Dr. Mouser is an awesome instructor! She is so knowledgeable and goes above and beyond to ensure that everyone is learning the material and understands the importance of it.”
“She is such a wonderful teacher. she explains everything and gave great examples so material was easy to understand and remember. Not sure how she did it but she remembered all the student’s names. I would advise anyone to take her class.”

A State of the Art Audiometric Simulator

In order to promote better training and education for CAOHC Certification, this tool helps students learn testing methodologies as a part of CAOHC Certification Courses.

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