Making the Perfect Hearing Devices

Occupational Sound Solutions, assists you in getting a customized hearing protection device that fits your ear. These products are available anywhere in the United States. Our goal is to make sure that you can wear a hearing protection device as it suits your needs. Our products are cost effective overtime and reduce waste which is helpful to the environment.

Getting An Ear impression

You can schedule our professionals to create earmold impressions for your employees on-site. After the earmold impressions are created, they are sent to another company to create the product. Once we have the hearing protection available, they will be delivered it to you.

SoundGear NRR 27 dB

Custom fit solid earplugs are made with super soft, medical grade high-strength silicone and provide outstanding noise protection in a variety of recreational and occupational environments.

DefendEar® Convertible NRR 21/28 dB

Detachable cord allows selectable protection between NRR 21 dB and a higher NRR 28 dB. Great for industrial environments with a wide-ranging amount of noise exposure.

Emtech HearSavers NRR 29 dB

Custom Ear Plugs are made of Emplex II silicone, providing extreme durability and comfort for hours of wear. An attachable cord is added to allow the plugs to hang around the user’s neck when not in the ears.  A carrying case is included with each pair, which helps prevent loss.

Workplace Sound Solutions

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