Custom Hearing Protection on a Plane

Recently I had the opportunity to take an adventure to a small island on a small plane. I knew I would have to fly on a small plane but had no idea I would be the co-pilot! After being selected for the coveted seat, we made our way to the tarmac. As you can imagine, it becomes really loud, really quick at an international airport. I knew before I walked out on the tarmac that the noise was too loud to go without hearing protection. Thankfully, I always carry my custom hearing protection devices by Westone in my backpack. Below is a picture of my custom hearing protection devices.

Custom hearing protection devices provide comfortable, effective protection against hazardous noise.  It is true that the upfront cost of these devices is higher than a pair of disposable plugs. However, over time they are more cost-effective. Not to mention, using custom hearing protection devices have less impact on our environment, and who doesn’t want to help the environment?!

How Loud was the Plane?

As mentioned in a previous post, I use the Decibel X app when I am curious about the noise levels that are around me. Just for fun, check out how loud the noise was on the small plane. Unfortunately, I was the only one on the plane that had hearing protection and man was I glad I did. Even though I am an audiologist, I wasn’t expecting to encounter noise of this magnitude.  Had I not been prepared; I may have suffered damage to my hearing from this exposure. I encourage you to think ahead, and be prepared! You may not think you need hearing protection with you but you never know what noise may be around the corner or on the plane. Safe travels!